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Embracing 'Fintech'

'Fintech" or financial technology, is the word given to describe the act of using the newest technology to deliver financial services, in a nutshell. And Bankstatements is right up there. saw an opportunity, to make the process easy for the customer to send the finance company bank statements,  and to give the finance company confidence that what they were being sent was the right information.


At first the idea seemed ludicrous, as one could imagine, "You mean I'm going to let some finance company access my bank account to get statements? stuff that! I'm not hand over my password!". and after public awareness that the system doesn't do that, and with bank level security on their systems, The banks are more than happy to allow such a service transmit data.   

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FAQ on Bank Statements

What do I need to access bank statement request form

You need your internet banking user name and password

What if I am not comfortable giving my details? is a secure service, when you "sign in", the details are sent straight to your bank to log you in, they dont see your user name and password & neither do we, in fact we dont even know you are doing it until we get the statements sent to us on email. However you are more than welcome to do it the way we all used to do it in the 90s - call the bank and have them email you a copy of them..........when tey feel like it. But you run the risk of the bank not sending the right ones. You could try to download them from your internet banking, but they never keep the most recent ones.

What is

Bank Statements / Proviso is an Australian company that has contrcats with all the banks they hold to release bank statements to them and us when you request it. It is a highly secure (bank grade) service and highly regulated by financial markets. as an end user, all you do is: 1. Put your full name in the Box 2. Select your bank from the list, 3. Sign in like you normally do with your internet banking. 4. Select the accounts you wish to send bank statements for 5. Click Send Then about 10 seconds later we get an email with 90 days bank statements from on behalf of your bank. The benefit is we get them in a special format that allows us to group all your finance details on the statement immediaely and work off averages and totals, rather than troll through transation after transaction.

The person at the Bank said not to use for my statements

This is understandable, most low level banking staff (call centres and help desks) dont have anything to do with this, so their first reaction would be to warn you off anything thats not bank created. Its a simple "arse" covering excercise. Most of NZ banks are owned by Australia, therefore the contracts and agreements are made at CEO and CFO level. not some 20 year old part time call centre, who is in his 2nd year of a Bachelor of Arts at massey University.

Im still not convinced

ok, these bank statements make our decision making quicker and more efficient. Again, you are more than welcome to call the bank and get them printed off for you or download them from your internet banking. However, because of this it will be delayed as we have to go through everything manually.

The downside to this is that many finance companies now rely on the breakdown of that information with their internal scoring system, meaning it will soon become compulsory to use the service if you intend on getting a loan in the future, as the world advances, bank printed or issued bank statements are going to be a thing of the past.

What assurances can you give me that it is a proper service?

Talc Ltd is regulated by the government and is a Registered Financial Service Provider. Part of that service is giving our customers safe and correct information that cannot harm them. If we were seen to be offering services and information that could be harmful to you (i.e dodgy information gathering practises), then our license to serve as a finance broker would be jepordised. We woulkd never risk such a thing because we dont want to wait half a day for you to get printed bank statements form your bank. We state our reputation and license on the fact that this is a service that is both beneficial and expedient to getting you the finance you need. Our FSP details Talc Ltd (FSP 376566). a Registered Financial Services Provider ( and is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority ( Registered Financial Service Provider

We Vouch For Bank

As Financial Service Providers, The Auckland Loan Company (and brands) is bound, by the responsible lending code, to make inquiries about the applicant’s personal situations and be satisfied that the finance products being offered are both affordable and appropriate for the applicant. ‘Bank Statements’ assists The Auckland Loan Company to comply with these obligations to their potential customers required by law under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003.

Talc Ltd T/A The Auckland Loan Company is a registered financial service provider (FSP 376566) and declares that ‘Bank Statements’ is a safe and secure service to use, and that no information of your banking details are stored, used, or given access for anything other than the explicit instructions of retrieving your 90 days Bank statements from the accounts you nominate. To learn more about the Bank Statements service please visit

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