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3 Major Tips on

Applying for a loan

Applying for a loan seems easy enough, fill in the app and get a decision. Sounds straight forward, and the process is, especially where The Auckland Loan Company is concerned. We have made it easy and fast to apply. However, its important to know what to do before just applying, it may increase your ch

1. Apply as if someone like you is asking you for money.


Rather than just applying with the hope of an approval, think what it would be like is someone in your shoes was asking you for money. would you do it? if yes what would you need from them? Just remember you aren't buying a TV from JB Hifi, you are asking a stranger for money, so apply with that in mind, and provide all required information. 


2. Be Mindful of the criteria of the Finance Company or Broker.


There's nothing worse than seeing an application from someone who clearly didn't read the criteria in the FAQ section and just doesn't pass in the slightest. With each company you apply to, check if they do Bad Credit Loans, or car loans, or personal loans. Check what the minimum is they lend. The amount of times we get $300 finance applications for food, is astounding. 

3. Follow all the steps.


Our application for has three steps,

- The Application

- Privacy Waiver

- Bank Statements.

From there we can make a calculation of getting you approved quickly. 

If you do not do all of these steps, we cannot grade your application and have to try and contact you to complete it. This takes time. 

if you take note of these three tips, you will better gauge on how you would do. Remember, we can help you if you are transparent with us. our FAQ should be able to guide you. We look forward to your application  


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