Need a Loan but have Bad Credit?




Yes you read that right! If you have Bad Credit, and you are committed to getting a loan, then we are committed to helping you get one. Its that simple.


As most have found, yes having bad credit is an issue. Trying to get a loan with Bad Credit by yourself ends up being a complicated hassle, there's no getting around it, you are either declined or have alot of explaining to do, getting this and that to appease some guy or gal at the end of the phone. It Can Be Tiring!

Is Having Bad Credit an Issue? 

But Everyone Offers Bad Credit Loans! 

Lots of companies will promise this and promise that, but unless there’s a good reason for the Bad Credit, it’s difficult to just get an approval yourself. There's nothing more irritating than needing a Loan, meeting all the requirements, getting payment histories and bank statements together,  only to be told that you simply can’t get it since your credit is bad.

Look, you can prevent that feeling by talking and applying through The Auclland loan Company.


You’ll find the process much more pleasurable once you are applying to The Auckland Loan Company. Since you are here because you probably have bad credit, We are interested in helping you get approved for that loan.


We don’t promise automatic or instant approval if you have bad credit. What we do promise, is that we will work hard to get to the bottom of why you have bad credit and/or just been declined for a loan in the past, and then work with you to deal with it, or mitigate those bad credit reasons.


Sometimes it’s pretty straight forward; we can solve the problem quickly and get you that Car Loan, Bike Loan, or Boat Loan, even if you have bad credit. Other times we can get an approval with conditions. Whatever the issues, our goal is to help you get the loan.

We are the experts in Bad Credit Loans, we understand why you get into bad credit,  and we help you through it. 

We are not going to do what every other broker and finance company does,  try and dazzle you with low interest rates and over flexible terms, only to find out your bad credit doesnt let you have those terms. If your bad credit is going to prevent it, then we are going to treat you with the respect you deserve, and be real with you about what to expect, or not.


We are then going to help you through this Bad Credit phase, so you can come out the other side, clean from Bad Credit, clean from insult, and start applying with confidence again. 

We will work with your affordability first and foremost. If you have bad credit but can clearly afford the loan, then we should be able to organise some kind of loan for you. If not then at least we will work with you to fix the bad credit, learners or visa issues so we can get you a loan in the future.  

When it comes to The Auckland Loan Company, having Bad Credit wont be an issue.


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