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Small Cash Loans from $1,000

Don't miss out on your dreams, goals wants or needs just because you don't have the cash right now. We are not just about the specifics, if you need over a a thousand, have a free hold vehicle (or at least a small amount owing on it) and have good credit, average or even Bad Credit, then we will try and help you with anything you need the money for.


Even if its to just live like a King for a week, we can help! 

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If you need a small Cash Loan 1k - 7k , then apply to us for a Loan.


The good thing about our Cash Loans, is that the application process is 100% online, no need to talk to anyone, no need to get things scanned and sent, and once approved, you just pop in to the office sign up and then you are good to go. 

Our lending partners are the best in the business, NZ owned, been around for over 50 years and know the NZ public better than any company.


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100% Online Application

Cheap Car Loan

Need a car but don't want to buy an expensive one? with Cashbox we are able to facilitate car loans that don't usually fit the mould of other finance companies. As long as the car is younger than 2001, warranted, registered , and you can afford it, then we should be able to facilitate a loan. 


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Disclaimer: Amounts Shown in this calculator are an approximate indication, not an offer of Finance. Payments include a $300 Loan Establishment Fee and 10% Broker Fee, Interest is between 28.95 and 35.95 depending on credit score over 24 months. Actual Amounts may vary

Cashbox Repayment Calculator

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