The Auckland Loan Company's Complaints Process

The Auckland Loan Company (The Auckland Loan Company), and its associated brands, is a Registered Financial Service Provider (FSP), this page details the complaints process and other resources that you may find helpful.
Talc Ltd The Auckland Loan Company, and associated Brands, is a participant of the Financial Services Complaints Ltd Register (FSCL)
FCSL is a Non profit independent dispute resolution scheme that is free for consumers.


  • They work with the consumer and the financial service provider to resolve the complaint.

  • They act independently by not taking sides.  

  • They are an alternative to the legal system, they work confidentially and less formally to find a fair outcome to a complaint.



The Complaints Procedure

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Talc Ltd (FSP 376566).

a Registered Financial Services Provider ( and is regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (

Registered Financial Service Provider

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