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Debt Consolidation Loans 

Combine all your debt & bills into one easy to manage payment at one interest rate


Should I Consolidate my Debt?

Debt consolidation is best used when trying to limit your financial exposure by bringing all your payments into one payment. Most of the time this actually saves your monthly outgoings and can save you money in the long run if done properly.

Most new Zealanders have on average 1 car loan, 1 personal loan being paid off, and a Credit Card and possible a Gem or Q card. Those amounts can vary, but its usually between 25 – 40k of debt that’s normally ongoing (new contracts are taken out as one buys new cars etc.

A Consolidation of that debt with one company at a good rate & term, could mean you could save up to $100 per week in payments (however taking that over a longer term) which could ease up your finances, not to mention one place and one interest rate. Lets look at the facts:

See This Example

1 x Car Loan $15,000 @ $ 95 p/w for 4 years

1 x Personal Loan $10,000 @ $82 per week

1 x Credit Card   $5,000.00  @50p/w  forever

1 x GEM               $3,000.00   @$40 p/w  forever


Consolidating $33,000 balance at 11.95% for 4 years:

If you took a consolidation loan son these amounts at a 11.95% interest rate, you could save yourself $5,074.68 (thats $1268.67 per year!) and $67 per week over a 4 year period.

Make one easy payment, not several hard ones


Amounts shown in this Calculator are an approximate amount at a standard secured personal loan rate of 15.95% and standard unsecured rate of 21.95% (industry average). Payment amount also includes up to $1,000 in establishment fees which other companies choose to omit. Actual Interest rates vary from 9.95% to 24.95% . Terms and Conditions Apply. Amounts shown in this calculation only serve as a guide, and not an offer of finance. See our info sheet for more information on Interest Rates & Costs.

But Don't Take our Word for it....

We can give you the biggest sales spiel to apply for a debt consolidation, however its probably better for you to see for yourself.

The example above was typical, however, not all Debt Consolidations would save you money.

Go Through your payments and balances of your current debt, then use this calculator to determine for yourself how much you will save.


Or just apply to us and we can try and try and see if we can save you money or not. 

Don't Let your Bills Bully You!

Finance can get overwhelming relatively easily. One payment going out on Wednesdays, then one Tuesdays, then one every second Friday, then one due on the 20th of the month, all at different amounts, and all at different interest rates... so time to stop getting paid then watching all your financiers chip away at your hard earned cash, one after another.

With Debt consolidation, there's one payment, and that's it, and if theres just one of anything then its easy to manage, and can get you debt free faster. 

Make one easy payment, not several hard ones

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Fight Back! With a Debt Consolidation Loan

Its easy to get carried away, we all get it, we see the adverts on TV, newspapers, companies throwing advertising budgets out the window to get into your minds to lend you money. 


All of a sudden you have a Car Loan, 3 Personal Loans, a credit card, Q Card, GEM card, a birthday card form your nana from 1985, 4 Payday Loan accounts and a washing machine from DTR. 

What do you do? You take out a Consolidation loan, that's what you do - Instead of paying premium payments for all of the loans a Consolidation loan would combine all the balances and have you paying just one payment, and that's it. The best part about it, is that the payment would be considerable lower too. 

Do I Qualify for Debt Consolidation?

Below are the attributes on needs in their application to be successful

Valid ID

You must have Valid NZ ID, such as a NZ Drivers License or NZ Passport. For ID purposes applicants must also obtain proof of address, such as a utility bill.

Good Credit

Your Credit must either have no defaults, or a credit score of over 300, we will accept slightly dented however you must be working full time. 

Currently Earning an Income

It is preferable that you are currently employed, as this guarantees that should be able to pass affordability tests. beneficiaries must have clean credit.


All applicants must pass the affordability test as set out by the Responsible Lending Code. Therefore irregular income (such as from casual work) cannot be taken into account.


These types of loans must be secured by a vehicle and/or home. Unsecured Loans are offered by interest rates are high. Consolidation ranges between 80% lend on security to 120% of security.

So If you Qualify Then Go Ahead....