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If you own your home and you need anything for your house - Like a new spa, pool, pool room, poker room, man-cave, new bathroom, kitchen, lounge, windows- or sudden roof leaks, tile replacement, or repairs to the property, we have you covered!


We know what you are thinking, "Yeah we can just tack on those things to the mortgage with no hassle" and so you can, however, the interesting fact is more and more people are leaving the comfort of The Bank and looking at consumer loans to help with their improvements. 

So why not the Bank? 

Since Home Ownership, and rising house prices began, people have been using their bank to re-mortgage their property to get new cars, the new spa, pool or the new garden. And this method works fine, no one complains, that is if you like to pay interest on a product for 20 years. Lets look at the maths.

If you have Good Credit and repaying your home loan, a $10,00.00 loan on the mortgage at lets say 5% p.a, it will cost +/- (Depending on interest rate with the bank) about $7,000 minimum over 20 years. So you will pay back $17,000 in total, over that particular section of the mortgage over that time, which is not including the overall % you'd be paying in compounded interest- assuming you don't 'tack' on anything else over the next 20 years. The cost will be about $16 - $20 per week on top of your payments - for 20 years.. 

If you finance it with us, an average interest rate of 11% - 13% straight finance, without any perks (interest free, delayed payments etc) $10,000 would see you repaying about 2,500 - 3,000 in interest (excluding fees), which will cost about $13,000,  however the cost rises to $80 - $85 per week, but only for 3 years. 

And that's only if we cant get you an interest free deal - we might even be able to get you interest free for a period of time, or deferred payments. 

The other issue is credit, if you own a house but have developed some bad credit over the time, then you might not be able to borrow anything from the bank at all, even though you have a mortgage with them.

This is where we come in, if you can afford it then the chances are that we can help you get that spa, or pool, landscaping or any other think you need to do for your home.


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